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Wim TV - Wimpie, Stem en SimonWim TV is a a no holds barred online subscription-based entertainment platform.

We are a 100% web-based digital television platform and have weekly discussions with local experts which has relevance to the South African public and relevant topics.

Wim TV had an auspicious start in 2020 during the Covid 19 Pandemic lockdown period in South Africa. Whilst creating opportunity for artists in the music & entertainment industry to earn an income, Wim TV created entertainment for subscribers to its featured Biltong Sessions.


From the inception of Wim TV we had more than 35 Biltong sessions with 50 000+ tickets sold and an amazing R 2,5 million paid to performing artists to support them during the South African lockdown period.

We have ticket sales both locally & internationally for Biltong Sessions. Some of the sales originate from USA, UK, Dubai, Mauritius, Australia, New Zealand & mostly South Africa.

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To all of you that support the local entertainment industry, we thank you and without your support we would not be able to give back to our performing artists.